Featured Literature Guides

Teaching Kids to Give, Care and Share through Great Literature!

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The shared experience of reading a book is powerful, broadening perspectives while discussing real issues in a safe environment. These literature guides include before-, during-, and after-reading questions and activities that make the reading experience more meaningful and increase philanthropic fluency.

Literature Guides

The literature guides combine selected literature with thought-provoking and fun activities that teach children about giving and civic engagement.

Sharing the Gift of Literacy: Community Sharing (K-2) 

Using literature as a starting point, the students discuss the benefits of sharing and contributing for the common good. Students read and respond to the book The Rainbow Fish and think critically about sharing how giving brought more happiness to the Rainbow Fish and harmony to the whole community.

The Important Thing About Reading (3-5)

The purpose of this lesson is for students to develop awareness of why reading is important for everyone. Students will learn that some students do not have access to books in the same way they do and will decide how they can take action to ensure others have access to books.

Reading to Elementary Children (6-8) 

Learners will increase their reading fluency and awareness of philanthropy by reading to younger children.

Literacy for You and Me (9-12)  

The purpose of this lesson is for students to learn about literacy in our world, nation, state and their local community. Students reflect on dramatic statistics about literacy rates and access to books, then they create a plan of action to increase access to reading materials.