Early Childhood Service-Learning Curriculum

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No, they're not too young! Children learn best in an environment filled with opportunities to explore their world and to build on their previous experiences. The Early Childhood Service-Learning Curriculum for the Environment and Earth Day leads you through how to plan and manage service-learning experiences with the youngest students. As you work with these activities, you will note that we have been attentive to the unique challenges of engaging young children in service. The projects in this guide were developed by generationOn and the teachers at the Barrow Street Nursery School at Greenwich House. They have been tested by children there and in other classrooms throughout the country. Each project is a lot of fun and provides ample opportunities for learning and service! Click here to download the guide. The guide includes suggested service projects for students in Nursery School, Pre-K, and Kindergarten. Students learn how to turn trash into treasures, reduce waste at lunch and more. You can also come up with your own ideas! Back to all Thematic Service-Learning Guides

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