Farm to Table and Food Security

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Grades 6-8

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With support from the National Turkey Federation, generationOn developed the Farm to Table curriculum as an experiential set of lessons for middle school students (grades 6-8) to engage in issues surrounding agriculture's role in hunger in the United States.  A rigorous set of lessons, with instructional foundation in project-based learning and real world application through service-learning, the curriculum engages students to think critically about food production in their own country and how that might impact issues surrounding hunger.

Farm to Table is designed as a unit to engage youth in taking the initiative to explore, investigate, and take action on food production and distribution and food security in their community as well as the United States by using and strengthening their 21st century skills. Students have the opportunity to problem solve, explore, collaborate, and think critically to solve a real issue in their community, state, and/or country.

Interested in implementing this exciting set of lessons and engaging your students in critical thinking about food production and hunger?  Find the Farm to Table and Food Security unit here.

Need ideas for how to start?  Check out our Farm to Table Implementation Guide for recommendations. 

Want to hear from the expert?  Click on the video below to access a short clip and hear from the author of the curriculum.

Exploring Farm to Table and Food Security