Planning for Service-Learning?

IPARDE: The Service-Learning Process

These recorded webinars will help guide you through the IPARDE process. Click on the webinar title to open and play the recording.

  • Starting Off on the Right Foot: Spotlight on Investigation

    Learn how students can discover their power to create positive change through in their local and global communities through community mapping and partnership building.

  • Effective Planning for Service-Learning: Spotlight on Preparation

    Planning and preparation for service-learning provides a great opportunity for teachers and students to collaborate creatively. Educators Rosemary Gass of Pickney, Michigan and Tracy Menard of Sault Ste Marie, Michigan present preparation best practices.

  • Walking the Walk: Spotlight on Action

    Explore how to empower students to become change agents in their school and community with generationOn and guests Ryan Steuer and his 8th grade students from Decatur Middle School in Indianapolis, Indiana.

  • Creating a Culture of Service: Spotlight on Reflection

    Reflection gives students an opportunity to understand the importance of their actions and bring meaning to the service experience. GenerationOn and guest Gabby Abrego, a VISTA in Pinckney, Michigan, present reflection ideas you can use right away.

  • More than Celebration: Spotlight on Demonstration

    Learn from generationOn and teachers Genevieve Berretta and Frank Jump of P.S. 119 in Brooklyn, New York how to use technology and community partnerships to facilitate excellent service-learning demonstration.


For tools to support implmenting the IPARDE process in your classroom, check out these great resources.