generationOn Schools

Tools and resources for school-based youth service, service-learning, and leadership development

Registering as an educator with generationOn yields many benefits for students, schools and communities and there is no cost to join or participate. 

What is a generationOn School?

generationOn provides tools and resources to make schools places where learning comes alive through real-world service experience.  generationOn programs and materials help teachers and after school facilitators guide students in becoming engaged, responsible, global citizens.

When done with intention, school-based service... 

  students through the use of standards-aligned service-learning and philanthropy lessons and resources

  students with 21st Century Skills through real-world problem-solving and service opportunities 

  students, teachers, parents and community members to make their mark on the world! 

What are our Core Values? 

When you register as an educator or a school, you gain access to the teaching resources and support you need to engage your students in academically rigorous service-learning experiences and to build a culture of service in your school and community. 

Together we are preparing the next generation of equipped, engaged, and responsible global citizens!  

We recommend two pathways to engage your classroom or school with generationOn:

1. Have individual educators register on generationOn here.  (Be sure to click the option that says you are an educator!) Registration only takes a few quick minutes and, once logged in, gives an educator full access to online resources and materials.

2. Register your school with generationOn here.  With a school account a central individual, such as a school service coordinator or administrator, can link all your registered educators under the account to track school-wide service and outcomes.  (Note, teachers and school staff must register individually to be linked into the school account.)

Registering as an educator or registering your school are both free, and gives the most up-to-date access to generationOn tools, resources, programs, and special opportunities.  Our materials allow an educator or school service coach the opportunity to tailor service opportunities from a one-class project to longer-term, sustained service experiences.  

generationOn Resources to support educators include:

Service and Service-Learning Implemenation Support

  • Information on how to connect with generationOn programs, such as ClubsCampaigns, and Youth Leadership.  Clubs and Campaigns provide instructions for service projects, reflection activities, and issue-specific content to encourage meaningful service throughout the school year.  Youth Leadership programming engages teachers and adult facilitators to build students' leadership skills through service.  

  • Over 1,600 K-12 service-learning and philanthropy education lessons focused on real-world problem-solving through our curriculum partner, Learning to Give.  All lessons are aligned to Common Core, state, and international learning standards.

  • Teacher resources including planning materials for the IPARDE service-learning process and service-learning toolkits.

  • An online classroom Service-Learning Tracker, where you can track outcomes for your service-learning experiences.  

  • A monthly e-newsletter highlighting timely lessons and resources, service and service-learning stories and more.

Professional Development 

Opportunities to Take Action

  • Exclusive mini-grant opportunities to support classroom and school-wide service and service-learning experiences.

  • Connections to nearby volunteer centers that are part of the HandsOn Network and that may be able to connect schools with local youth volunteer opportunities.


Click here to download a printable generationOn Schools flyer.