Frequently Asked Questions

Studies have shown that children who volunteer from an early age adopt healthy lifestyle choices, learn life skills and continue to volunteer into adulthood.

Kids Care Clubs members begin volunteering as early as pre-school, with projects designed for ages five through thirteen years old. Kids Care Clubs provides all the information and resources you need to get involved and stay committed. Staff is available by email or phone to give you personal assistance on forming a club, selecting issues, or connecting with agencies.

What is a Kids Care Club?

Kids Care Clubs are groups of young people who work together to help others in their communities and around the world. Clubs are formed in schools, faith based organizations and community community-based organizations, such as volunteer centers. Today there are more than 1,800 registered Clubs and 80,000 kids in the United States and countries including Australia, Canada, China, and Nepal.

What kind of support do Kids Care Clubs get?

Kids Care Clubs posts different service projects each month. These projects include step-by-step instructions, compassion and issues education, meeting activities, additional resources related to the project and information on possible partners. These projects are centered on issues such as literacy, hunger, poverty, the sick, and the elderly or seasons of service such as Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Earth Day and Veterans Day.

In addition, clubs:

  • Receive access to a downloadable Start-Up Handbook and Toolkit
  • Receive a monthly e-newsletter
  • Are eligible for mini-grants and in-kind donations from our sponsors. 


Do I have to pay a fee to start a Kids Care Club? 

Nope! Registration is free and gets you access to lots of great (FREE) resources!

What will our Club do? 

Clubs are encouraged to complete at least two service projects a year and must fill out an annual survey in order to maintain their membership. Explore our project ideas here.

Does our club have to be based in a school?

No, your Club doesn't have to be based in a school, but we do require that you be affiliated with an organization such as a community organization, volunteer center, school or faith-based setting. Your Club can meet at their venue and be covered by their insurance.

How often does our Club need to meet?

That's up to you! generationOn Kids Care Clubs are designed to be flexible - there's no one right way to organize them. You may want to meet weekly to make sure that everyone stays involved, even if you only complete projects once a month or a couple times a semester.

You may also decide to have a core group of members who meet more often and then have a few big projects or events where you invite larger numbers of people, instead of trying to get everyone to come to every meeting. Figure out what works best for your group!

How many projects do we need to do?

Clubs are encouraged to complete at least two projects per academic year, but otherwise, it's up to you! The more involved your club is, the better. Check out the generationOn website regularly, as well as our monthly newsletter, for ideas on new projects, campaigns and issues to get involved with. Do keep in mind that you don't want to spread yourselves too thin! Sometimes it might be more effective and rewarding to concentrate on a few big projects instead of trying to keep track of a ton of small projects. You should get a better feel for how much your club can reasonably take on after you complete your first couple projects.

Are there Clubs for older kids?

Yes! If you're working with middle or high school-aged youth, you should register for our generationOn Service Clubs program. Clubs are youth-led with the support of an adult advisor and projects and resources are targeted to a pre-teen/teen audience. Learn more at

Still have some questions?

No problem! Email us at, connect with us on our generationOn Kids Care Clubs Facebook page, or call us toll-free at 1-866-269-0510.

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