Fundraising Activities

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Need extra funds for your club? Here are some fun ways to raise money!


Tie-dye Day- Host a day for people to tie-dye. You will provide the dye and people can bring their own t-shirts. Charge people a certain amount to participate. Wear your new tie-dyed shirts to school, a birthday party, or a fun event!

Message in a Bottle- Sell messages in your school paper. Parents may want to wish their children a happy birthday. Students may want to put in a funny photo. Teachers might use the space to congratulate a student on a job well done.

Calendar sale- Your club members can submit a drawing or a photograph to put in a calendar. Sell these calendars to friends and family. Bonus points if the drawings or photographs reflect your service projects!

Pie in the face- Have students and teachers volunteer to get a pie in the face! Charge people a certain amount to pie their best friend or favorite teacher.

Casual day at the office/school- If your school requires a uniform, set up an event where students pay a certain amount of money to dress in sweatpants or pajamas! You can do the same event at your parent or guardian's office.

Collect Spare Change- Put penny jars in your classrooms or around town.

Bake Sale- Bake some yummy treats to sell either at school or in your yard.

Car Wash- Get some friends together and spend a Saturday washing your neighbor's car.

Collect Recyclables- Collect cans, bottles, or newspapers to raise money.

Sell ice cream or refreshments- On a hot, summer day, sell ice cream or refreshments at the beach or sporting event.

Sell your artwork- Sell your paintings and drawings at a sidewalk sale or local business.

Kid's Tea Party- Have a tea party for kids with homemade cookies and herbal tea.

Fashion Show- Put on a fashion show of the latest fashion at a local restaurant or clothing store.

Organize a Marathon- For anyone who loves being active, marathons (dance, hopping, walking, roller-blading, or bowling) is a great way to raise funds.

Produce a Play- Get your friends together and perform a play! You can even write your own! Use ticket sales to raise money.

Host a Dance- Ask a band or DJ to volunteer and use ticket sales to raise money.

Gift-wrapping- During the holidays, sell wrapping paper to your neighbors and local stores.

Candy telegrams- Sell and deliver candy with messages to your friends and family.

Organize a benefit game- Choose your favorite sport (or make up your own!) Have your friends and family participate.

Do chores for a neighbor- Rake leaves in the fall, shovel snow in the winter, or walk pets.

Organize a raffle- Raffle off your gently used toys, ask local merchants to donate items, or raffle off holiday gifts such as Easter baskets, Christmas stockings, or Valentines Day cards.


Click here to download a PDF of these ideas!