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Embracing Diversity

What are you doing? More than ever, kids and teens need to learn about and practice identifying and valuing difference. Embracing Diversity is an interactive activity to help children recognize and appreciate differences. Youth will explore the importance of diversity and its significance within their community. Kids will categori ze different objects and discuss how those different characteristics can be used to describe the unique qualities...Read more

Practicing Empathy

What are you doing? Practicing Empathy is an activity that teaches children how to build their emotional literacy and practice perspective taking, two of the core building blocks of empathy. This activity will help children to create stronger emotional connections with each other, building empathy that they can then put into practice when completing service projects. Why does it matter? Empathy is a set of skills that involves the practice of...Read more

Friendship Bench

What You Are Doing: The Arrowhead Kids Care Club from East Setauket, NY aspired to combat bullying and make their playground a more inclusive space. They built a Friendship Bench to encourage students to meet new people and establish meaningful friendships. Why it Matters: One out of every 4 students in the U.S. is bullied every year. [1] Youth can be bullied based on their looks, body shape, race or simply because of the way they act or the...Read more

Birthday Boxes

What are you doing? Help a child celebrate his/her birthday by donating birthday boxes to kids in foster care or shelters. Why does it matter? Birthday Parties are the best! Everyone deserves to be celebrated on his/her birthday. But, for the over 400,000 kids in foster care and close to 2 million kids living in shelters or on the streets in the U.S., birthdays are often forgotten [1] [2] . But you can help change that and spread a little joy to...Read more

Making and Celebrating New Friendships

What You Are Doing: The Community Action generationOn Service Club from New York, NY held a lunchtime event at their school to foster inclusion, create new friendships and combat bullying. Participating youth were tasked with sitting with someone new and were given thought-starters to prompt conversation. Help others feel included and make new friends by putting together a similar event! Why it Matters: One out of every 4 students in the U.S. is...Read more

Literacy Game Night

This project was inspired by the Youth for Literacy generationOn Club of Redwood City, CA who hosted a game night at their local library! Your group can host a game night too, and help non-native speakers practice their vocabulary and grammar skills. There are 311 languages spoken in the U.S. and an estimated 7,000 different languages spoken around the world! [1] In 2013, nearly 1 in 5 people in the U.S. spoke a language other than English. [2]...Read more

DIY Games Using Recycled Materials

The ZERA'IM WIZO Bogota Bnei Mitzva Kids Care Club from Bogota, Colombia used recycled items to make educational materials for a local school. They used magazine cut-outs to make flashcards, egg cartons to make counting games and old fabric samples to teach young children their colors. You can help younger kids learn too by making educational tools and games from recyclable materials and donating them to a local pre-school or community center!...Read more

Promoting Positive Body Image

81% of 10 year old girls in the US are afraid of being fat. One in three 6 year olds in Japan have low body confidence. Over 110,000 girls in Brazil underwent cosmetic surgery in 2009. Culture and media creates expectations and unhealthy standards of body images that negatively impact self-esteem and confidence. Push to redefine body image and remind people to embrace their beauty by posting positive messages in public places, such as bathroom...Read more

Protecting Endangered and Threatened Animals

Did you know there are 2,245 species worldwide that are endangered or threatened, meaning that they are close to being gone forever. Animals can be in danger of becoming extinct by losing their habitats (where they live), facing competition for food from other animals, pollution, hunting, disease, pesticides and more. Be the voice for endangered animals and advocate to protect them and where they live by writing your local politician. Download...Read more

Make Every Vote Count

There are over 44.7 million senior citizens in the US and their opinions matter, especially on issues that affect them, like Social Security and Medicare. Organize your friends or family and help register seniors in your community to vote for important issues that directly impact them...Read more