Writing for Water!

Around 1 billion people in the world do not have access to clean water. Environmental factors, geographic factors, and competition for resources in certain regions results in water scarcity for people who live in these areas, including areas here in the United States. Inform yourself about the issues surrounding water crises in order to take effective action! Invite a guest speaker to your community to speak about issues surrounding water...Read more

Happy Returns

Save those leftover cans, bottles, and boxes after the holidays to donate to an organization that serves others.Read more

Green Holidays

Cook the meal, wash the dishes, light the lights--the holidays use up a lot of energy and water, especially if you have house guests! Make "Lights Out" and "Water Off" posters to remind your family, friends, and community to conserve!Read more

Reusable Tote Bags

The production of paper and plastic grocery bags uses up our natural resources. The bags then end up as litter or in a land fill. Reusable tote bags are a way to reduce the use of paper and plastic grocery bags. Your family can decorate reusable tote bags to spread the message about helping the environment and help reduce waste! Grocery stores, nature centers, and food pantries can distribute the bags you decorate instead of disposable bags...Read more
A Lemonade Difference

A Lemonade Difference!

Lemonade stands or other beverage stands are a great way to raise extra money for many different causes. Set up your stand at a sports event, tag sale, park or wherever thirsty neighbors are likely to walk by. Let them know who you are (make posters with the name of your Kids Care Club) and what cause you are supporting with the change they will give you for their drink purchases. Having flyers on hand to give out when requested, explaining the...Read more
Penny Power

Penny Power!

One penny will not buy much but thousands of pennies can make a difference! Do you want to earn a significant amount of money in a short period of time to implement projects or support a cause? Organize a Kids Care Clubs Penny Power! collection.Read more
Calling Old Cell Phones

Calling Old Cell Phones

Your Kids Care Club can help the environment and help others by collecting discarded cell phones. Consumers upgrade to new cell phones on average every 18 months. According to CollectiveGood International, a mobile phone recycling organization, in the U.S. alone, only 1% of cell phones are recycled. There are more than 250 million mobile phones that could be recycled. Why recycle cell phones? It helps the environment. Recycled cell phones can be...Read more

Eco-Friendly All-Purpose Cleaner

Instead of using dozens of different products to clean your house or car, create you own all-purpose cleaning solution. It saves money and helps save the environment. So make your own, save money, and help the environment!Read more

Food For Thought

Did you know that children grow and develop rapidly and have an increased need for energy. Kids who don't get enough to eat won't have as much energy and might have difficulty concentrating. What can you do? Grow and donate healthy snacks to keep kids' brains and bodies moving!Read more

Recycle Mural

Create a recycle mural to visually share with others the benefits of recycling. Display the mural at your school, public library or other public location to share with everyone!Read more