Senior Citizens

Make Every Vote Count

There are over 44.7 million senior citizens in the US and their opinions matter, especially on issues that affect them, like Social Security and Medicare. Organize your friends or family and help register seniors in your community to vote for important issues that directly impact them...Read more

Relay for Life

What is Relay for Life? Organized, overnight community fundraising walk for the American Cancer Society Teams of people camp out around a track Members of each team take turns walking around the track Food, games and activities provide entertainment and build camaraderie Family-friendly environment for the entire community Because it's a team event, individual participants are not required to be there the entire time. But it's so much fun, you'...Read more

Do the Senior Shuffle!

Did you know that 1 in 5 seniors are clinically depressed? Older adults who exercise have better physical health and experience less anxiety and depression. However, by age 75 about 1 in 3 senior citizens do not get any physical activity. What can your Club do? Organize a dance at your local senior center! Boost everyone's mood by playing fun music and busting a move. All you need is people, a playlist, and a place to party!Read more

22 Ways to Brighten a Senior Citizen's Day

1. Ask a senior to teach you how to cook one of their favorite recipes. 2. Set aside 10 minutes during your next Club meeting and have everyone call, email, or text a special elderly person in their life. 3. Make a playlist of happy tunes to help a senior perk up. 4. Make a playlist of soothing songs to help relax a senior before bed. 5. Make, collect, and/or donate items to a senior center like hot tea and lavender candles that help promote...Read more

Wellness Kits for Veterans

Make care packages for hospitalized and retired veterans in your community! Help them feel better and give them a special thank you for their service by collecting toiletries, socks and books. Include your own medal of honor with your kit.Read more
A Lemonade Difference

A Lemonade Difference!

Lemonade stands or other beverage stands are a great way to raise extra money for many different causes. Set up your stand at a sports event, tag sale, park or wherever thirsty neighbors are likely to walk by. Let them know who you are (make posters with the name of your Kids Care Club) and what cause you are supporting with the change they will give you for their drink purchases. Having flyers on hand to give out when requested, explaining the...Read more
Penny Power

Penny Power!

One penny will not buy much but thousands of pennies can make a difference! Do you want to earn a significant amount of money in a short period of time to implement projects or support a cause? Organize a Kids Care Clubs Penny Power! collection.Read more
Stocking Surprise

Stocking Surprise

Your club can surprise seniors and veterans during the holidays with a Kids Care Clubs Stocking Surprise . Seniors who receive Meals On Wheels, or live in nursing homes or retirement homes, veterans, living in hospitals, homes or shelters, also love to be remembered during the holidays.Read more
Halloween Candy Drive

Halloween Candy Drive

Hold a Candy Drive on the day after Halloween. Ask kids or parents to drop off excess candy in your drop box. Much of the wrapped candy can be frozen or refrigerated. Wrap in cellophane and tie a ribbon around several pieces for distribution at Thanksgiving or the Holidays to Meals on Wheels, a nursing home, or the agency of your choice.Read more
Blackout Box

Blackout Box

Lightning, thunder, rain, wind... blackouts! You can help a neighbor be prepared if the lights go out with a Kids Care Clubs Blackout Box ! The Blackout Box contains items that will be very useful if the lights go out.Read more