Martin Luther King Day 2017

January 16, 2017

Join generationOn as we celebrate the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. From the mid-1950's through 1968, Dr. King advocated for nonviolence while leading the Civil Rights Movement, working to support equality among all people. For this national day of service, generationOn has developed facts sheets, project guides and lesson plans to help teach kids and teens about the contributions of Dr. King, how they can continue his vision of equal rights for all, and make their mark on the world through service.  


This year, we have three easy ways for you to get involved:

  1. Use our tools and resources
  2. Visit All For Good to find a project near you
  3. Sign-up for our NYC event if you are in the area

Below are great resources to help you continue the work that Dr. King had started.  

Fact Sheets

MLK Day 2017 Profiles

Inspire students through reading about leaders past and present who have made their mark on social justice and human rights.
Youth Participation in Social Movements

Youth have always played a strong role in fighting for and bringing about social change. Teach about the role youth have played in social movements.




Family Project

MLK Day 2017 Parent Guide

Experience family service by making Home Away from Home Fleece Scarves and donating them to a local shelter. Demonstrate family values by expressing personal opinions and experiences about caring and sharing with your children.



Dia de MLK 2017 Guia Familiar

Considera sentarte a almorzar o cenar junto a tu familia antes de completar el proyecto de servicio descrito debajo.

Utiliza la receta del proyecto The Family Dinner Project (Proyecto de Cena en Familia) para hablar sobre asuntos como justicia, inclusion, y hacer lo correcto. Luego de discutir, compromete a tu familia en dar a los mas necesitados confeccionando bufandas para personas sin hogar.




Project Guides
Building Bridges

Bring diverse groups of youth together to create care packages for people in need in your community, such as kids who are homeless, in foster care or recent immigrants.
Grafitti Cleanup (Teen Project)

Empower students to take pride in their community by organizing a Graffiti Clean-up with family, friends, and neighbors.
Collective Thinking

Create a wall where youth can share reflections on questions such as: What does your ideal world look like? What do freedom, equality, and peace mean to you/your community?
Pinwheels for Peace

Create a pinwheel art installation for students to express their feelings about current events.
Global Goals

Students choose their favorite global goal and take a global goals selfie.




Lesson Plans
Civil Disobedience and Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Guide students to explore the relevance of historic Civil Disobedience to current situations. What can young people do about injustice and intolerance in today's world? The following Learning to Give lessons and resources will guide your classroom discussions and motivate students to take responsibility to make a difference.