Advocate for Animal Welfare!

Animals around the world face struggles that they have no control over: climate change, destruction of their habitats, pollution or not being able to find a home. Since they don't have the ability to communicate what they need, it's our job as humans to give them the voices they don't have!

Whether you're passionate about raising awareness about endangered species, finding stray dogs and cats a forever home, or ensuring products around your home aren't tested on animals, there lots of different ways you can get involved in making a positive change in the lives of animals around the world.

Write letters to protect endangered or threatened animals. There are animals around the world that are in constant danger of becoming extinct or being threatened. You can help prevent these tragedies from happening by starting a letter writing campaign asking your local and state politicians to take action to keep and create safe habitats for animals of all sizes!

Quiz yourself (and your family) on how cruelty-free your morning routine is. Do you know how many products in your morning routine are tested on animals? Print off the PETA Kids quiz and tally how many products in your bathroom are cruelty-free! Once you've completed the quiz, you can send in your score to receive free stickers in the mail or reach out to get cruelty-free shopping ideas!

Host a fundraiser to help families afford service dog training. Did you know it costs roughly $85,000 to prepare a single dog to be a service dog? When you combine that with the limited amount of dogs available, it can seem like an impossible task to a family in need. Help lessen the burden of paying for a service dog by raising money to help cover some of the costs!

Decorate "Adopt Me" bandanas to donate to your local animal shelter. There are so many cats, dogs, rabbits and other domestic animals that end up in shelters waiting to be adopted. You can help animal shelters by creating "Adopt Me" bandanas for cats and dogs to wear to advertise to people in your community that these lovable animals are searching for their forever homes!

Clean up your local dog park. Help make the park more enjoyable for your loved ones (furry or otherwise) by cleaning up the local dog park! Animal waste isn't only disgusting to look at, it can be dangerous for animals and people alike. Reach out to your local parks department to see if you and your family - or even the community - can spend a few hours cleaning up the park!

These are just a few quick and easy ways to support the welfare of animals in your community and around the world. If you're passionate about animal welfare and want more ideas, check out our projects for kids, teens and families and these lesson plans from our curriculum partner, Learning to Give.