Give Back the Green Way!

Our environment provides access to daily necessities including water, food, medicine and so many more. In our daily lives, we often forget the importance of the environment because it works in the background without any interference on our part. But sometimes things go wrong--earthquakes, droughts, wildfires--and we realize that our environment has direct influence on our lives.

We can help improve the environment by giving back the green way! One way to get started is with our project of the month, Gardening for Good. Planting a community garden is more than just a way to make your neighborhood more beautiful, it helps incorporate nutrients into the soil and can help feed those in need!

Other ways you can help the environment include starting your own compost to help keep waste out of the landfill, tracking how much food waste your family creates and finding ways to cut down, or educating others about how they can change their habits to have a smaller ecological footprint.

Finally, if you want to double your impact, you can help the environment and fight hunger by signing up for the Make Your Mark on Hunger campaign! Sponsored by C&S Wholesale Grocers, this campaign challenges kids and teens to take action to address the issue of hunger in the US through meaningful hands-on service in their communities.

All of the changes facing our environment require us to take immediate action to protect it for future generations. There is no one way to help the environment, but by making little changes in your daily routine or taking the time to help your family and friends make greener choices, we can all do our part to care for the planet!

1.Make Easter or Earth Day a "green" holiday by limiting your water use!

2.Host a battery collection drive to keep batteries out of the landfill!

3.Build a "wildlife watering hole" to provide local animals with fresh water!

4.Check out these lesson plans from our partner, Learning to Give!

Want more projects? Check out these projects for kids and projects for teens.