The Numbers Are In!

generationOn's Clubs network has been busy this year! Between having an active role in our campaigns, engaging their schools and networks, and completing our annual survey, these kids and teens still had time to complete 2,023 projects and spend 1.8 million hours volunteering in their communities! That's equivalent to over 205 years of service!

By combining young people, adults and a commitment to improving their communities, clubs were able to address various issues, including hunger, homelessness, poverty, education and tolerance through service projects. They created "cultures of service" within their communities by engaging others to plant vegetable gardens, spend time with the elderly and raise money for charities, both international and domestic. As a whole, Clubs created, donated and raised $2,708,376 worth of goods and money--the results of which enabled them to serve 2.6 million individuals!

Outside of the classroom, generationOn's Clubs program provides young people with a place to develop critical 21st century skills such as communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity. 80 percent of Club facilitators reported Club participants improved in relation to these skills through their engagement in the club by researching different areas, brainstorming ways to address problems and planning service projects.

Club participants also have the opportunity to learn about different groups of people, different perspectives working with others, which helps build social-emotional competencies like empathy and gratitude. More than 84 percent of Club facilitators reported Club participants demonstrated growth in relation to these competencies through Club engagement.

See a full recap of our clubs incredible work with our 2016 Clubs Infographic:

The kid and teen changemakers in the generationOn Clubs network inspire us to make our mark on the world through the amazing work they do! We can't wait to see what they do in the coming year!

If you're as inspired as we are, there are so many ways to get involved: