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What is goLEAD?

goLEAD (generationOn Leadership, Education, and Development program) is our signature youth leadership opportunity. It inspires teens to engage in meaningful service-learning and leadership skill-building to effect real community change. During goLEAD Facilitator Training, generationOn certifies adult Facilitators (educators, non-profit professionals, and those focused on youth leadership and service) to deliver the goLEAD program. goLEAD Facilitators spend 30 hours working with youth to complete the creative leadership process and then to initiate a capstone service project.

Who leads the goLEAD Facilitator?

     Experienced Master Trainers and generationOn staff lead the trainings.

What specifically happens during the goLEAD Facilitator training?

     Those who attend the training engage in team-building activities, icebreakers, goLEAD curriculum walkthroughs, valuable Q&A with master trainers, and helpful tips from the trainers. The full 16-hour training schedule can be found here.

What if I can't attend the whole training?

     In order for goLEAD Facilitators to become certified, they must attend the entire 2-day training. Plan your travel to accommodate the entire two days.

How much does the goLEAD Facilitator training cost?

    The 2-day training, Facilitator resources, and goLEAD program guide costs $750. However, there are numerous discounts and scholarships available for those who qualify. Group discounts are available. Former PYLI trainers, HandsOn Action Network staff, and those who participated in the goLEAD pilot training sessions are entitled to a discount as well.

Are there scholarships available for goLEAD?

     We are sometimes able to offer scholarships to help defray expenses associated with attending a goLEAD Facilitator training. Past scholarships have been available for those who work with low-income and at-risk youth. Information about scholarships that are currently available can be found here.

Can I be refunded for goLEAD?

     Refunds are only available for those who cancel at least 14 days prior to their scheduled goLEAD training. Further instructions for requesting a refund through eventbrite can be found here.

I'm a former PYLI trainer and want to become recertified as a goLEAD Facilitator. What options are available for me?

     Former PYLI trainers can either attend a discounted in-person goLEAD training or a three-hour webinar series. The three part webinar series is for former PYLI trainers to learn how to use the new goLEAD program guide with their youth. Each part is an hour in duration. Those who complete the webinar series are recertified as goLEAD Facilitators and receive a copy of the program guide. You can find out more about the webinar series here.

I want to come to the goLEAD Facilitator training, but I don't know where to stay.

      A recommended list of nearby hotels, airports, and train stations are available on the goLEAD registration page. Room blocks are usually not reserved at the hotels.

What time should I arrive?

      Facilitators should arrive at 8:30 for check-in on the first day and 8:45 for check-in on the second day.

Will food be served at the goLEAD training?

      Yes, lunch will be provided on both days.

Am I required to do anything after the goLEAD training?

      In order to maintain your goLEAD certification, you must host at least one Institute per year as well as fill out the corresponding post-institution evaluation form and the pre-implementation form. Completing these requirements allows you to remain a Facilitator in good standing, which may make you eligible for additional funding opportunities.

What resources are available to me after the training?

      generationOn provides support for those who are certified goLEAD Facilitators. goLEAD Facilitators receive access to a global community of goLEAD Facilitators, goLEAD facebook group, exclusive online trainer tools and resources, and ongoing technical assistance.

So. I've attended the goLEAD Facilitator training. Now what?

     As a goLEAD Facilitator you can now host your very own goLEAD Institute for youth! You can get started by checking out the goLEAD Facilitator Resources page on our site and reach out to other goLEAD Facilitators for advice through the facebook page or the contact list given to you after the training. First steps for planning a goLEAD Institute should include outreach, planning a budget, and purchasing materials. Check out our goLEAD Institute checklist here!

Can I charge to host a goLEAD Institue?

     Yes, you can charge fees to host a goLEAD Institute. We recommend not more than $40 per person, but rates can be determined based on the length and type of Institute that you will host. If you plan to charge a fee for the goLEAD Institute, you are required to offer need-based scholarships.

I work at a school. Can I use goLEAD?

     Yes! Teachers can use the goLEAD program to incorporate service-learning into their own curriculum and can lead an after-school service program that uses goLEAD. There is an unlimited amount of ways that a school environment can be enhanced by goLEAD. Students who participate in the goLEAD Institute can embark on service-learning projects that tie directly to what is being taught in the classroom. In addition, learning invaluable leadership and communication skills from a goLEAD Institute can empower students to become better leaders and increase their engagement in the classroom.

I work at at nonprofit. Can I use goLEAD?

     Of course! If your nonprofit works with youth, hosting a goLEAD Institute for them will equip them with very important 21st century skills that translate to increased civic engagement with the community. Their service-project can also tie into the work that the nonprofit does for the community. goLEAD is an exciting and innovative program that allows for nonprofits to target the youth that they serve.

How do I become a Master Trainer?

      First, you must become a goLEAD Facilitator. You must host at least 3 goLEAD Institutes for youth and remain a Facilitator in good standing for at least 2 years. At that point, please email goLEAD@generationOn.org to express your interest and explain your relevant experience.

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