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In August, We Celebrate Education

Education is considered a basic right in many countries, but not all. Teach youth about education inequality in developing countries, and help them to see the importance and power of learning. Connect them with students who have learning disabilities as a way to build empathy and understanding.

Read our factsheets on Learning Disabilities and Global Education to start the conversation!

July's Service Theme is Animal Welfare

Animals, both domestic and wild, are an important part of our lives. Kids and teens have a natual affinity for animals and are easily roused to action through calls of service to help the voiceless. Dedicate this month to calling attention to animal welfare and grow compassion in youth leaders.

Use this factsheet to start a conversation about Animals in Need!

June celebrates Health and Wellness

When most people think of health and wellness they think of eating right and exercising. This month, generationOn goes beyond these topics to help your community talk about and take action to address challenging issues including sickness, natural disasters, and global health.
  • Collect Caps for Kids with Cancer - Help your children sympathize with people who are sick and struggling.
  • Sending Love - Send letters to people who are going through a hard time.
  • Soap Drive - Set up a soap collection drive with your community to help children in developing countries avoid preventable diseases.
Or use our factsheets about Health and Sickness and Nepal's Earthquake to spark a conversation!