Post a Volunteer Opportunity


At generationOn, it is our goal to help youth, parents, teachers, and community youth groups find meaningful places to serve.

Does your organization have opportunities for youth and family volunteers?


If so, we have a system that can help you post and recruit youth and family volunteers looking to serve. Together with Points of Light, HandsOn Network, we can help expand your recruiting efforts and enable you to easily manage your volunteers. Through this service, you can automatically connect with youth and family volunteers in your community and across the nation.

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Why Use Youth Volunteers?

generationOn believes in the power and benefits of youth service.. For information on recruiting and retaining youth volunteers, check out our Tips and Tools for Organizations working with Youth Volunteers.

Have you had positive experiences working with youth volunteers at your organization? Have you participated in events where youth volunteers played an important role? If so, share your story here and let the world know about your amazing youth volunteer experiences.