Family Project Resources

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Would your children like to learn more about community service projects? Click on these great guides!


Congratulations! Your family service project is complete. Now it's time to reflect on your project, the cause you served and the people that helped you. Here are some questions you may wish to ponder:

  • Did you achieve your project objectives?
  • Do see a difference in your community? Are more people aware of the issue and do they care more about it?
  • Do you think your family made a difference to the people or cause you served? Have you helped changed anyone's life for the better?
  • Did each family member have a favorite part of the project? Least favorite?
  • Did you have enough help? Would you ask different people next time, with different skills?
  • What skills did each family member use? Did you discover any hidden talents?
  • Overall, how did this experience affect your family?
  • Will you stay involved in your chosen cause?