Match Interests & Energy

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Crafting Family Volunteers

To instill joy and caring into your child's volunteering efforts, and motivate them to do it again, be sure to align their personality and interests to the opportunity. For example, if your child:

  • Wants activity! Keep them busy planting bulbs in a community garden or restocking food pantry shelves.
  • Enjoys one-on-one time! Visit seniors at a nursing home where they can chat or make art projects together.
  • Loves collecting! Get them started collecting toiletry items or toys for kids in homeless shelters.
  • Adores center stage! Let them play an instrument, sing a song or read aloud to younger kids or appreciative seniors.


Prepare for Success! Check out 10 Steps to Family Volunteering Fun and remember these tips:

  • Kids got the fidgets? Keep books, crayons & paper handy to pass the time - and leave a bit of art behind!
  • Explain the plan! Tell kids the rules ahead of time so they know what to expect.
  • Ask kids to think of questions! Share interesting facts so they can imagine where they're going and who they'll meet.