Time to Reflect

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Two Boys

Sharing thoughts, feelings and questions about your family volunteering experience before you go helps everyone get ready. Make sure everyone feels comfortable and understands the basics about:

  • Who you're helping and why.
  • What tasks you'll be doing.
  • How much time you'll spend.
  • What you'll do afterwards.


After you're done, spend some time chatting about what you experienced as a family! Use the questions below as a guide for your discussion. 

  • Why was it important to do this project?
  • How did you help?
  • What was it like to volunteer with your family?
  • What was the funnest part of the experience?
  • What volunteer activity would you like to do next? 


Celebrate when you're finished! Head out for an ice cream or home for special dinner and ask each family member to share a special observation or feeling about their day. Then praise your family - they deserve it!