Family Project Guide

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Families Volunteer Together

Do you care about recycling? What if none of the schools in your town recycled? Think about the thousands of bottles and cans going unredeemed every year, and the tons of paper - all going to the landfill.

Or perhaps you and the kids love going to the park. What if you couldn't find a trash can anywhere nearby? Imagine all the unsightly trash accumulating around the benches, fences and playscapes.

Every community has needs! Maybe a special service has been cut from your town budget. Or the poor economy caused job losses at your town's largest employer and some folks can't put food on the table. Without intervention the needs remain, and grow, unless someone steps in to help.

Is there a need in your town or your child's school that deserves attention? Maybe you're the right person to help! When you and your family take a firm interest in solving a need in your community, friends, family and other like minded folks join in, charged up by your motivation and drive. And that's when great things begin to happen, because people like you care to make the world a better place!

This community service project guide will help your family choose a great project, plan it, find the help you need and see it through to successful completion. Ready to begin? Great, let's go!