Animal Welfare

Create a Wildlife Watering Hole

Helping animals can be about more than taking care of your pets. There are wild animals whose habitats are disappearing every year as forests shrink, oceans are polluted, and temperatures rise. You and your family can help those animals by providing a place for them to get the clean water that they need to survive. Here's what you're doing: Build a water source for birds, reptiles or butterflies with your family to help them thrive in their...Read more

Bring Out Your Wild Side!

The World Wildlife Federation estimates 10,000 animal species go extinct every year. This is the direct result of human choices affecting the natural world. Help your family preserve biodiversity on our planet by hosting a film screening! Imagine a future without all of the exotic animals in the imaginary safaris of your childhood. What will we leave the next generation? Here's what you're doing: Organize a film or documentary screening to raise...Read more

Homemade Dog Biscuits for Shelter and Working Dogs

Reward shelter and working dogs such as seeing-eye or K-9 dogs by baking them homemade dog biscuits. Wrap the biscuits and deliver them to a dog shelter, police department or guide dog facility of your choice. Here's what you're doing: Planning a trip with your family to a dog shelter or to a location where they train working dogs or a police department and delivering homemade dog biscuits Interesting fact: Guide dogs are taught to judge height...Read more

Pennies for Puppies

Dogs that help the blind or other physically challenged people are invaluable to their independence. There is more of a demand for the dogs than can be filled. The dog must be able to be trained and the trainer must be very diligent and stick to the same rules everyday for about 18 months. You family can help by participating in Pennies for Puppies. Here's what you're doing: Raise money by reaching out to your community and collecting pennies to...Read more

Dog Park Clean-Up

Does your family have a favorite park where you play with your dog? Here is a hands-on project that keeps your local dog and people parks clean and safe for everyone to use. Trash and animal waste that is left in parks can be dangerous for dogs and their owners. So, plan a day for cleaning up the park and invite your neighbors to help. Download the project below to get started!Read more

Helping out at a local shelter!

Animals that get adopted from shelters are often the healthiest, the friendliest or the most playful. If your family wants to lend a helping hand to shelter animals but can't consider taking one home, there are lots of things you can do to help make these pets' lives a little brighter, and help turn them into perfect candidates for adoption. Here's what you're doing: Helping pets in animal shelters get adopted by feeding and bathing them and...Read more

Take a shelter animal out for a family walk

Ever notice how people out walking their pets often get stopped by kids and adults wanting to pet the animal? Getting a pet adopted can be as easy as a walk in the park! Here's what you're doing: When you go for a family walk, take a shelter animal along with you. The animal will wear an Adopt Me Vest and - hopefully! - attract the attention of a loving family. What better way to introduce the animal to a possible new home! Interesting Fact:...Read more

"Pet Owners Wanted" Campaign

Help your local animal shelter find homes for their cats and dogs by making posters promoting adoption. Promote your idea by hanging up the pictures and signs around your community. Interesting fact: According to the Humane Society, an estimated six to eight million dogs and cats stay in animal shelters each year. Three to four million of those dogs and cats never find a home. By participating in this project you take responsibility for its...Read more

Food for animal friends!

You know that family pets are usually well fed, but what about homeless animals in shelters? Did you know that in a tough economy there are more animals in shelters and less money for food? Next time you buy food for your beloved pet, buy some for an animal in need! You're already there at the store, throw in an extra can or bag in your cart. A little goes a long way! Project: Set up a collection box at your local pet store or supermarket to...Read more