Citizenship and Civic Engagement

Murals with a Message

Did You Know? Painting a mural is a great way to beautify your community and send a message about an issue you care about at the same time. Decide on a theme or issue, plan how to represent it, and use your creativity to brighten places in your community - you might choose a school, nursing home, homeless shelter, etc.Read more

Make Every Vote Count

There are over 44.7 million senior citizens in the US and their opinions matter, especially on issues that affect them, like Social Security and Medicare. Organize your friends or family and help register seniors in your community to vote for important issues that directly impact them...Read more

Building Bridges

Bring diverse groups of youth together to create care packages for people in need in your community, such as kids who are homeless, in foster care or recent immigrants. Download our pdf to save a copy of this project!Read more


Participate in National JOIN HANDS DAY on the first Saturday of May. This national day of service brings youth and adults together to plan, organize and implement community projects. These intergenerational projects build relationships that create confidence, trust and respect for people of all ages. To celebrate this day of service, bring together your friends and family to hold a community yard sale. Donate the proceeds to a worthy cause of...Read more

Celebrate Dr. King’s Birthday -- You Bring the Party

Bring a party and entertainment to an afterschool program. The students can learn a little about Dr. King and the Civil Rights Movement and celebrate his birthday with cake. Celebrate Dr. King's Birthday Bring joy and a party to an after-school program serving low-income children Project: Organize a birthday celebration in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Bring The Party to an after school center. Optional try a shelter, group home or senior...Read more

Diversity Quilt

Patchwork quilts consist of many diverse colors and sizes of material scraps. Individual scraps do not make a statement, but when sewn next to each other, they become a beautiful design. Celebrate diversity in our global community by making a quilt for a person in need. Here's what you're doing: Providing comfort and inspiration to a person in need by creating and giving a diversity quilt. Interesting fact: Quilts were used to help slaves escape...Read more

Reach Out to Refugees

Welcome and support refugees in your area. Collect and distribute supplies, like gently used books, clothing, or household items, to help ease their transition. Here's what you're doing: Collecting basic necessities for refugees and helping them get established in America. Interesting fact: Since 1975, the U.S. has resettled approximately 2.6 million refugees. Refugees legally enter the U.S. and must have a well-founded fear of persecution in...Read more

Rally Around a Cause

Did you know... A rally is a great way to bring a large number of people together to learn more about the importance of certain issues in our communities. You might choose to hold a rally about anti-violence, equal rights, the environment, or animal welfare, for example. The community, politicians, and businesses will be sent a clear message about the importance of the topic you choose. And best of all, children of all ages can take on...Read more

Kids with HeART Banners

Harness the power of art and the creativity of children by making a banner that promotes the ideas of gratitude, caring, and liberty in honor of our heroes. Here's what you're doing: Creating an inspirational and patriotic banner to uplift a community and honor those who have served. Interesting fact: Symbolism is a powerful way to communicate an idea. The American flag has 50 stars to symbolize the 50 states, and 13 stripes representing the 13...Read more