Back-to-school backpacks!

Remember when you were in school how great it was to get new clothes and new supplies to start the school year? Unfortunately, there are millions of kids whose families cannot afford to buy them school supplies, but you can help! Project: Put together a Back to School Backpack and collect school supplies for children! Here's what you need: Elementary (K-5) New backpack Notebook Pens (2) Pencils (3) Small sharpener Markers or crayons Glue sticks...Read more
relax bottle

Relax Bottles

The National Center for Education Statistics states that 6.4 million children have been diagnosed with learning disabilities, and there are many more children who are not diagnosed. For some kids with learning disabilities, school can be frustrating. You can help kids with learning disabilities channel and release their frustration by making Relax Bottles. Relax Bottles are water bottles that are decorated and filled with glitter. Like a snow...Read more
spelling bee

Silly Spelling Bee

1 in 11 primary school aged children are denied education globally. Education is key to lowering the poverty rate and improving quality of life of communities. You can help these children by investing in their education. Here's what you're doing: Holding a silly spelling bee to fundraise for the education of a child or children in developing countries.Read more
SAT exam

A Text a Day Keeps the Cramming Away

The SAT is taken by over 2 million students each year in preparation for college applications, and while not all schools require this test, the vast majority do. To help your peers build a habit of preparing, you can take a small step towards encouraging them on a daily basis! Here's what you're doing: Help prepare your peers for the SAT reading section by texting or emailing a "Word of the Day" and encourage them to use it at least once during...Read more

Rally Around a Cause

Did you know... A rally is a great way to bring a large number of people together to learn more about the importance of certain issues in our communities. You might choose to hold a rally about anti-violence, equal rights, the environment, or animal welfare, for example. The community, politicians, and businesses will be sent a clear message about the importance of the topic you choose. And best of all, children of all ages can take on...Read more

Neighborhood Book Drive

Did you know that in some of the poorest regions in the United States, kids have no children's books at home. In these poorest areas, research has found a ratio of 1 book for every 300 kids. These children are at a disadvantage for gaining the literacy skills they will need to succeed in school and the professional world. Project: Hold a bok drive to collect and donate gently used children's books to a low-income preschool or daycare. Download...Read more