Homelessness and Poverty

Murals with a Message

Did You Know? Painting a mural is a great way to beautify your community and send a message about an issue you care about at the same time. Decide on a theme or issue, plan how to represent it, and use your creativity to brighten places in your community - you might choose a school, nursing home, homeless shelter, etc.Read more

Holiday Warmth-Coat Drive

What You're Doing Help the less fortunate in your community keep warm over the winter holidays. Why It Matters On average, more than 578,000 people are homeless in the United States on a given night, and 31 percent of them are living without shelter. The winter months can be some of the most difficult times of the year, especially for those who don't have the proper winter clothing. Help the people in your community stay cozy this winter with a...Read more

Back-to-school backpacks!

Remember when you were in school how great it was to get new clothes and new supplies to start the school year? Unfortunately, there are millions of kids whose families cannot afford to buy them school supplies, but you can help! Project: Put together a Back to School Backpack and collect school supplies for children! Here's what you need: Elementary (K-5) New backpack Notebook Pens (2) Pencils (3) Small sharpener Markers or crayons Glue sticks...Read more

Sending Love

When people are going through hard times, it helps a lot to get messages of love and support. If you have seen on the news that there are people who are sad or need help, you can use this project to show you care.Read more

Pillowcase Pals

As of September 2009, there were 423,773 kids and teens in foster care in the United States. Many of these kids and teens lack basic necessities, especially when they first enter foster care. Many foster families have limited incomes. Toiletries are expensive. Your family can help kids and teens with basic necessities! Project: Create toiletry kits in pillowcases for kids and teens in foster care. The final product will be a new pillowcase...Read more
Valentine's Day service projects for kids

Valentine's Day Care Cards

Spread the love in your community this Valentine's Day! Help people in your area have a cheerful holiday by creating caring cards for local seniors, veterans, first responders, or kids and families at a nearby homeless shelter. If you're interested in providing other kids with the resources they need to make cards for their loved ones, get instructions for our Be My Valentine Kits project here.Read more
Be My Valentine Kits - service projects for kids

Be My Valentine Kits

This year, help others make cards for those their loved ones! Make Be My Valentine Kits to provide other kids with the resources they need to make cards to give away. Help empower kids in need to spread the love to the cared ones in their lives by providing craft materials and instructions. Follow the instructions below! If you'd like to make cards yourself to give away, get instructions for our Valentine's Day Care Cards project here.Read more

Pillow Buddy

Families and children who do not have a place to call home miss the little comforts of home and familiar items surrounding them. You can make a snuggly little pillow buddy to accompany a child at all times. Because it is small, it can be packed and carried in a backpack. Your family can donate pillow buddies to a local shelter that address the needs of families who are homeless. Here's what you're doing: Make a soft and cheery pillow buddy to...Read more

Diversity Quilt

Patchwork quilts consist of many diverse colors and sizes of material scraps. Individual scraps do not make a statement, but when sewn next to each other, they become a beautiful design. Celebrate diversity in our global community by making a quilt for a person in need. Here's what you're doing: Providing comfort and inspiration to a person in need by creating and giving a diversity quilt. Interesting fact: Quilts were used to help slaves escape...Read more

Blanket Hugs

Who doesn't like to curl up on a cold winter's night with their own special warm blanket? Many people do not have this luxury such as the homeless families who sleep in shelters, or kids who enter foster care. Your family can help them derive some comfort from sleeping in a strange bed in a strange place with the gift of a Blanket Hug! This is a wonderful way to help evacuees after a natural disaster. You can search for locations that need...Read more