Military and Veterans

Living History

What You Are Doing Interview a senior citizen, veteran, or grandparent about their role in wars, and help document their lives and stories for future generations. Why it matters! Life looked very different for people who are now senior citizens. Some of these people were born during, or even fought in, World War 2, The Korean War, The VietnamWar, the Persian Gulf War and the Iraq War. While history books can tell us the outcomes of these wars,...Read more

10 Ways to Help Military Caregivers

What is a military caregiver? Military caregivers are the people who care for wounded, ill, and injured military personnel and veterans. The support of these caregivers plays an essential role in the recovery and rehabilitation of the military personnel and improves their quality of life. Caregivers can be parents, siblings, spouses, or other people who care for military personnel. There are an estimated 5.5 million military caregivers in the...Read more

Words for the Wounded

Wounded troops are treated in hospitals that are often far from home. Children of any age can uplift and show their support for wounded troops by sending drawings, inspirational messages, and prepaid phone cards to the facilities where troops are being treated. Help by sending a cheerful postcard to a wounded soldier to show your support!Read more

Wellness Kits for Veterans

Make care packages for hospitalized and retired veterans in your community! Help them feel better and give them a special thank you for their service by collecting toiletries, socks and books. Include your own medal of honor with your kit.Read more

Cards for Troops

This project was created by 2014 Hasbro Community Action Hero, Remington Youngblood. Replicate his project using the details provided below. Description of Remington's Project Make cards with messages of thanks for servicemen and women deployed overseas. Remember, telling our troops how much their service means to you offers them hope and inspiration! Encourage classmates to write and make several letters and cards. Interesting Fact Did you know...Read more

Rally Around a Cause

Did you know... A rally is a great way to bring a large number of people together to learn more about the importance of certain issues in our communities. You might choose to hold a rally about anti-violence, equal rights, the environment, or animal welfare, for example. The community, politicians, and businesses will be sent a clear message about the importance of the topic you choose. Project: Excite and educate your community about an issue...Read more

The Scarf Project

No military in the world's history has been as widely deployed as the United States. The United States has military personnel in about 150 countries, covering 75% of the world's nations.Read more

Memorial for Fallen Soldiers

Every year, hundreds of service members sacrifice their lives to protect our country. Create a local memorial to commemorate their lives and contributions to our country. Plan Your Project: * Research various community memorials to get ideas for your design. * Contact your local government and work with them to create a design, choose appropriate materials,and secure appropriate approvals. * Work with local government to raise awareness of the...Read more

Dinner and Appreciation: Host a Veteran's Dinner

Veterans and service members have done a lot for our country. It's our turn to applaud their efforts and show our appreciation.Read more

Calling Card for Troops

Did you know that the price of calling home is costly for many of our servicemen and women. The average roaming fees from Afghanistan are $3.99 a minute. Help collect cellphones to pay for calling cards for US troops. Disclaimer for youth under 13: I promise to get my parent or caregiver's permission to participate in this project. Click on the link to download project instructions:Read more