Club of the Month

March 2017

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Congratulations to Frosty Forest Frog generationOn Service Club from Menasha, Wisconsin for being selected as Club of the Month for March. For the Frosty Forest Frogs, service is an opportunity to have fun, create friendships and help the community. This group of changemakers organized service projects to address issues including animal welfare, peace and kindness. They completed 4 projects and a total of 98 hours of service.

The Club members celebrated peace during the month of January and made origami peace cranes. Club members folded paper cranes with the intention of sharing symbols of strength and inner peace with their community. In total, members distributed 54 origami cranes to family and friends at a local community church. Club facilitator, Angela Krause shared that this project helped Club members realized that maintaining inner peace is part of making the world a better place.

Clubs members also focused on caring for animals and the environment. For example, they created feeding habitats for hummingbirds which are listed as vulnerable and endangered species. Members used recycled materials like lids, plastic bottles and wire to make bird feeders. Then, the group donated them to people in the community to use in gardens, outdoor areas and public spaces. This project helped members learn about how to use recycled materials to help animals in danger of extinction.  Lastly, this Club wanted to fundraise to support the Heartland Farm Sanctuary, a nonprofit organization that cares for homeless farm animals. They also have programs to connections between vulnerable youth and animals. Club members created 54 piggy banks from plastic bottles and collected donations for 3 months to support programs at the sanctuary.

Frosty Forest Frogs Service Club is a great example of how kids and youth can make a difference by taking small steps. Remember to submit your service trackers every month to win the chance of getting featured as Club of the Month. We love to hear about your stories and how Clubs are making an impact in the community.