Club of the Month

January 2017

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Congratulations to the Knights in Need Service Club from Hagerstown, Maryland for been selected as January's Club of the Month. The Knights in Need Service Club aspires to become an outlet of inspiration for other youth at their school to get involved and serve the residents of Hagerstown. The Club focuses on creating a sense of community and family among volunteers while alleviating hunger. Recently, this Club has completed two amazing service projects and served 1452 hours.

First, Club members were eager to support their school's food pantry. The students learned about how the pantry operates, who it supports and what they need assistance with. Following, the Club decided to organize a Knights In Need Walk-A-Thon to raise funds to purchase a new refrigerator and freezer to help the food pantry store meats and dairy products. Club members helped organize the whole event, and in the process became aware of the services provided at their school and learned that those services were available to the whole community, including club members!

Additionally, the Knights in Need Service Club volunteered at their school's annual Thanksgiving dinner. They provided handmade decorations, crafted favors to give away to participants and served dinner to students.  The Thanksgiving dinner at Norther Middle School is very special for their community as they get to share a meal and show appreciation for each other during this annual event. 

Just like the Knights in Need Service Club, you can help make the world a better place and inspire kids and youth to give back and serve their community. Remember to submit your service trackers every month for a chance of being selected as Club of the Month at generationOn!