Club of the Month

May 2017

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Congratulations to the Clements Helping Seniors Service Club from Sugar Land, Texas for being selected as our May Club of the Month.

Here are five amazing facts about the club, its members and the work they do in the community:

  1. The club was founded in September 2016 and has since completed 14 service projects, serving more than 430 people.
  2. Club members exclusively focus on volunteering at senior centers!
  3. Club members utilize their talents when working with seniors. For example, they entertain seniors by playing musical instruments and encourage them to be creative through artistic projects.
  4. The club is trying to bridge the technology gap! They facilitate workshops to teach seniors how to use phone apps, computers and cell phones.
  5. Club members have worked with seniors at various nursing homes. They have learned important skills to best work with seniors with Alzheimer and dementia, which include connecting with the person and holding one hand while speaking to them, enabling them to make their own decisions and being patient and warm.