Club of the Month

August 2017

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Congratulations to the SST Alamo generationOn Kids Care Club from San Antonio, Texas for being selected as Club of the Month for August! This Club is serving as a volunteering hub for elementary-aged youth and their families with a passion for giving back. 

Learn more about this Club and members by reading these five amazing facts about their volunteer work:

  • The SST Alamo generationOn Kids Care Club members deeply care about playground safety at their school. Members organized a clean up to remove mulch and garbage from the ground to prevent kids falling on the playground.
  • Club members love to volunteer with their families! As part of their group work, they visited the newly open Braunfels food pantry where they helped to organize donated items, cleaned shopping cards, menus and surrounding areas.
  • The SST Alamo Club is all about group collaboration and creativity. They organized a Sweetheart Dance for the parents of the elementary school children. They made and displayed all the decorations for families to enjoy.
  • Animal welfare is an important causes for the SST Alamo generationOn Kids Care Club. In their attempt to raised awareness about the issue, members teamed up with a local organization called Daisy Cares to run a dog food collection at their school.
  • This year the SST Alamo generationOn Kids Care Club completed 10 community service projects and served 801 hours!