Club Service Tracker

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It's super important (and easy!) to track your Club's service! We've got a lot of ways for you to share what you've accomplished.

Club Service Tracker

The Club Service Tracker should be your go-to method of tracking your service progress. This tool allows you to easily record what your club has accomplished, maintain your club membership and be recognized for your hard work. Use your Club Service Tracker after every project that you do. You may even be chosen as our Club of the Month!

Plus, tracking your service allows you to go back later and find a record of what you've done, which you can use in many ways (to reflect on your experiences, to include in your college applications, etc).

Other Options

You can also track your progress by uploading photos, videos and text on Facebook, Twitter, blogs and other sites. Just be sure to email us at to let us know where to see your stories!

Don't forget - it all starts with the Club Service Tracker. Report back on every project that you do in order to make your impact felt!