Animal Welfare

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Collective Thinking

Too often in life, we focus on the things that are going wrong, or making us feel bad. But that doesn't have to be the case! Challenge your community to remember and reflect on the fact that the world is full of kindness, love, and compassion by holding a brainstorm to reflect on how they are making a difference in their school, community, or world, and they'll be able to see everyone else's responses!Read more

Doggie Bags

5-7 million animals enter shelters each year. Animals can become homeless because they are abandoned, lost, or never had a home. These strays go to animal shelters to be housed. Your family can help by making and donating doggie treats! ...Read more
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Animal Shelter Helpers!

Did you know that there are about 13,600 animal shelters in the United States that care for millions of animals? Each year, nearly 8 million animals enter animal shelters. About 4 million of these animals are dogs and 3.5 million are cats. Most of these shelters are so busy taking care of all the animals and often need help from community members. The shelters welcome volunteers to help care for the dogs and cats while they wait to be adopted...Read more

How Cruelty-Free is Your Morning Routine?

Do you take the time to check the labels on your personal-care products to make sure they say, "This product was not tested on animals"? Or do you just toss products into your shopping cart without thinking twice? Whether you're a die-hard label-checker or someone who's never even thought about checking a label, we've got the quiz for you! It's hard to believe that some companies still test on animals. We don't need to have animals burned and...Read more
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A Howling, Meowing Party

Did you know that there are over 5,000 animal shelters in the United States that care for millions of animals each year? Most of the shelters are non-profit organizations whose money is spread thin by the need to care for these animals. The shelters welcome donations to help care for the dogs and cats while they wait for a "forever home." Help these animals by throwing a Howling and Meowing Party. Create, collect, and donate items desperately...Read more

Rally Around a Cause

Did you know... A rally is a great way to bring a large number of people together to learn more about the importance of certain issues in our communities. You might choose to hold a rally about anti-violence, equal rights, the environment, or animal welfare, for example. The community, politicians, and businesses will be sent a clear message about the importance of the topic you choose. Project: Excite and educate your community about an issue...Read more

Doggie Dash

Did you know that between 6 and 8 million stray or abandoned animals fill shelters and rescue facilities across the United States. About 50% of those animals are euthanized (humanely killed). Most are euthanized because of lack of funds to care for them over long periods of time while they wait for a "forever home." You can help save the lives of these animals by donating money to care for them. A doggie dash is a unique activity you can host to...Read more

Crunchy, Crispy Creations for Critters

Did you know that millions of stray or abandoned animals fill shelters and rescue facilities across the United States. Animals in the shelters are frequently feeling stressed and nervous and they refuse to eat. A delicious, nutritious homemade treat just might be what gets them interested in eating. Click on the link to download project instructions:Read more

Cash for canines: Raising money for Guide Dog training

Guide Dogs are trained to assist people who are blind or have other physical challenges in their daily lives. There aren't enough Guide Dogs for all the people that need them. Plus it costs around $85,000 to get each dog ready for its important job! Imagine not being able to cross the street by yourself! You like to be independent and so does everyone else. With your help more money can be raised to train Guide Dogs so everyone can be...Read more

Pets and Disaster Safety

Did you know that after Hurricane Katrina the Federal Government passed a law requiring communities seeking funds for disaster preparedness to include plans for family pets and service animals in their evacuation and emergency shelters. The law is called PETS Act (Pet Evacuation and Transportation Standards Act). Now people need to know they can take their pets to shelters if they prepare properly. Do your part to inform your community on the...Read more