Recycled Fashion Show

What You Are Doing The PHIPP generationOn Service Club from the Bronx, New York wanted to promote a healthier perspective on body image in a fun and fashionable way! They designed pieces of clothing with recycled materials, creatively reflecting issues of importance to the Club members. For example, one dresswas constructed with magazine ads to reflect the media's narrow view of beauty. Why it matters! Media is everywhere and it influences what...Read more

Advocating for Change

What You Are Doing 2016 Hasbro Community Action Hero Paloma Rabana, who is legally blind, recognized a critical gap in services for visually impaired 6-13 year olds in Florida. She led two rallies at the Capitol, wrote an Op-Ed and lobbied the Florida legislature, including Governor Rick Scott. The Florida legislature approved the Children's Program for Florida's blind and visually impaired 6-13 year olds, providing $1.25 million with $500,000...Read more
generationOn Collective Thinking Project Guide

Collective Thinking

Too often in life, we focus on the things that are going wrong, or making us feel bad. But that doesn't have to be the case! Challenge your community to remember and reflect on the fact that the world is full of kindness, love, and compassion by holding a brainstorm to reflect on how they are making a difference in their school, community, or world, and they'll be able to see everyone else's responses!Read more
generationOn Seeds of Awareness Project Guide

Seeds of Awareness

It is not unusual for people to feel scared and helpless after tragic incidents such as the recent events in Berlin, Paris, Beirut, Orlando and other parts of the world. Volunteering is a great way to help people deal with tragic events. Dr. Michele Borba, author and renowned parenting expert, gives this advice, "Empower kids with proactive ways to help and model compassion and involvement." Use the project below to help others talk about their feelings and take positive action to make their community a better place.Read more

April 22nd is Earth Day!

Earth Day is April 22 nd . Think globally, act locally. You can get involved in the celebration of Earth Day by participating in the project below! Earth Day is about more than the environment, it's about peace and you can help spread awareness through small acts of kindness. Destruction of the environment is directly linked to poverty, human rights violations, civil conflict and war. Project: Plant a tree in honor of peace and to help the...Read more

Green Holidays

Cook the meal, wash the dishes, light the lights--the holidays use up a lot of energy and water, especially if you have house guests! Make "Lights Out" and "Water Off" posters to remind your family, friends, and community to conserve!Read more

Happy Returns

With all those holiday meals and gifts come a lot of post-holiday bottles, cans, and boxes. Save those recyclables from the landfill and help your community by turning those holiday recyclables into a donation for an organization that serves others.Read more

Coin Collection for Hurricane Sandy

Project: Raise money to help children and families affected by Hurricane Sandy and to help first responders with their efforts. Share your Hurricane Sandy service stories here .Read more
October generationOn Service Club of the Month - GS Troop 13779

Food For Thought

Did you know that children grow and develop rapidly and have an increased need for energy. Kids who don't get enough to eat won't have as much energy and might have difficulty concentrating. Click on the link to download project instructions:Read more

Designer reusable bags

Create a one of a kind designer bag! Too much garbage can hurt our environment because dumps and landfills fill up too quickly. Can you imagine our landfills overflowing with plastic bags? Each trip to the supermarket can add at least 10 bags to the garbage mountain. That adds up to about 750 plastic bags each year. Shopping with reusable bags would lower the number of bags thrown away. Here's what you're doing: When you use your reusable tote...Read more