22 Ways to Brighten a Senior Citizen's Day

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You don't have to hold a rally or fundraiser to make a difference (though it's certainly not a bad idea!). Simple interactions can change a senior citizens' day and make a lasting impact on youth. Let's connect children to wisdom and important mentors they'll remember for life by encouraging them to act on one of these 22 ideas!

Challenge yourself to:

1. Ask a senior to teach them how to cook a favorite recipe.
2. Set aside 10 minutes during the day to have everyone in the family call, email, or text a special elderly person in their life.
3. Make a playlist of happy tunes to help a senior perk up.
4. Make a playlist of soothing songs to help relax a senior before bed.
5. Make, collect, and/or donate items to a senior center like hot tea and lavender candles that help promote sleep.
6. Swap a crazy story with a local senior.
7. Practice their singing, dancing or other skills at a local senior center!
8. Help a senior Skype or FaceTime with a family member or friend who lives far away.
9. Help a senior email or text family members or friends.
10. Teach a senior the basics of Facebook and other social media outlets.
11. Practice foreign language skills with a senior who is fluent, or help teach a senior a foreign language.
12. Make a card with a sweet note inside and give it to a senior.
13. Go on a walk through the park with a senior.
14. Walk a senior's dog.
15. Complete yard work for a senior.
16. Go grocery shopping for a senior.
17. Check a senior's mailbox and bring them their mail.
18. Give a senior a manicure.
19. Read a book to a senior.
20. Draw or paint pictures for a senior.
21. Help a senior with their spring cleaning.
22. Challenge a senior to a game of scrabble, checkers, or cards.

See the difference small acts of kindness can make on the seniors in your community!

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