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Rainy day and looking for some fun? Want to learn more about our issue areas? 

Click on the pictures to check out these games for some entertainment and learning! 



Do you have a great idea about how to make positive change in your community? In Activate, you campaign for an issue of your choice. Manage your resources well and grow your organization from a few friends to a national movement! Engage the community and elected leaders to raise awareness and support for your cause. Good luck!


Animal Welfare:

Animal Adaptaions

How fast can you match up animals' adaptations? Are you ready to find out? Test yourself. Test your friends. Find out what you know about the polar bear, Blanding's turtle, the monarch butterfly and the beluga whale. Select the three correct adaptations for each animal and press the big red button to see if you're correct. Answer the bonus question for more time!


Ghost Gear Dodge

Click/Tap to swim up and release to swim down to avoid ghost gear. 

Citizenship/Civic Engagement:

What issues do you want to ask candidates about? In Cast Your Vote, you choose the questions in a debate, rate their responses, and vote for the candidate of your choice.

Liberty Belle's Responsibility Launcher

Have you ever wanted to knock some civic sense into someone? In Responsibility Launcher, you can ... You'll remind citizens that their civic duties aren't just responsibilities, they help get things done!

Emergency Preparedness/Response:
Help the Heroes! Will you know what to do? Make the right decisions and earn points to unlock new levels. But watch out! The wrong choice could end the game. Survive all 7 levels plus a turn in the hot seat and become a Disaster Master!

Homelessness and Poverty:

In this interactive game, you can help a poverty stricken family make decisions about work, education, health and community building. You'll witness just how hard some of these decisions can be.